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46 definitions by n

Tasteless clothes for people who don't have any cash to buy something more decent. Preps usually wear Abercrombie - people of bad tastes.
OMG, Abercrombie sucks. I can afford soemthing better ~
by n December 05, 2003
Ryan U. who does absoutely nothing and makes excuses for it
Wow! Ryan is useless
by n March 27, 2003
Words. More than one word.
" I coodnt understand none uff da wordles that was comin out of his mouf "
by N April 03, 2004
A crazy group of fools that remains undefined.
Wait, WHAT ARE the Tuesday Night Bandits!?
by N February 01, 2005
A word used to ask for the rest of a half smoked cigarette.
when youre too cheap to have your own damn cigarettes... you find someone who's smoking one, you ask "can i get duce?"... and usually they give you the rest, or at least a few drags of their smoke.
by n March 06, 2004
see pussy see vagina
"i just wanna fit yo glove"
by n March 11, 2004
A fool, or a murdervictum
"the pig whos free to murder one shucklak, or thouse who go and murder one back!"
by N February 24, 2005