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the call of a fat person with extremely red cheeks.
you: yo they got madd fries n burgers over there
"the chia": CHIA WAAA
by n February 03, 2005
Honda car.
Honda Civic with "Type R" Stickers all over it. Big spoiler, fart can, lots of stickers, the more stickers the faster it goes. :)
by N December 10, 2003
Noks, was attempted to be insulted by j bitt and chia, but they suck dick and are nerds. noks is the man and he will kill u and fuck ur mom and ur older sister and will get Joe P. the Indian Pedifial to rape ur little sister.
Noks is the shit, he kiked my ass and fuked my mom.
by n February 05, 2005
a guy that truly has a penis for a head.
good morning dickhead, did you file the reports yet?
by n August 09, 2003
The area between my hairy balls, and my dense forest asshole.
anyone wanna come camping in my choda?
by n August 09, 2003
Scrub-friendly Namco fighter, similar to Tekken and Virtua Fighter in its control style. A favorite among graphics whores.
I'd like to see someone who thinks Soul Calibur 2 is the best weapon fighter ever try Last Blade 2 or Samurai Shodown 2. He'd probably still think so because he'd be pissed off because a fireball motion is too hard.
by N September 17, 2003
Ryan U. who does absoutely nothing and makes excuses for it
Wow! Ryan is useless
by n March 27, 2003
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