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by saying the word nickle fast it comes out to sound like nigga but actually spelled necca
<white.guy> you are a necca
<black.guy> (takes out glock and shoots white guy in face)
by N April 30, 2003
n. A simile of "the act of fisting".
Jeff: i've heard fist being used as a verb before.
N: What's uncommon about a gutteral handshake? Even Martha Stewart gets them nowadays.
by n December 14, 2004

Originally an old playground toy. Taken as an internet screen name, an anthropopathism of said teeter-totter is accomplished.

With the "see" replaced by a "C", a poetic image of a sea is imposed upon the "teeter-totter as a scale" concept by emphasizing it phonetically. Thus giving it the quality of vastness. Much as the multitudes of meager molecules of water form something as grand as a sea, so the parts of a teeter-totter contrive to bring about a concept of balance and/or transition. When thinking of the metaphores a sea or ocean can conjure, coupled with the set of metaphores a teeter-totter can conjure as well; we are greeted with a universal application of balance or duality or transitions from negative and positive. All done with four letters, at very little cost of breath and breadth.
I'm having one csaw of a day.
by N November 02, 2004
Another wrong name for the band "Lostprophets".
omg, i saw lyk the lost prophets on teevee today!11!
by N February 26, 2004
an awesome dude... WOOT
by N February 13, 2003
Biking god and stud of all that is good.
I wish I was Ozzers.
by N January 12, 2004
Hey, it's better than Fox News.
'Nuff said.
by N September 20, 2003

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