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A high school in San Jose with some of the greatest people you can meet...and some of the most annoying. Every year the freshman keep getting worse, smart asses making the rest of us look and feel like idiots...or they think there the shit when they're really wannabes. Some of us are actually pretty cool people to be around with it's a typical high school I dont think its that bad but theres a better school out there somewhere...some teachers are pretty chill and some advisors are horrible and over reactors..some of our new rules are stupid and exaggerated.Some people say it's ghetto but in reality its not THAT bad take a look at Jameslick and Independence..there are chemicals in the air of the photo room..We also have a petting zoo with a horse, a duck, and a big bird
Jarrele: I want RAISINS!!
Jelissa: I want a baby skin arabi.
Alejandra: They don't sell any here??
Erica: Of course not this is Piedmont Hills High School!
by mzz. ???? October 05, 2010

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