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To place an erect penis inbetween your partners (or your own depending on how flexible you are) feet, and to thrust in and out. Also used as a humerous insult.
"what a foot wank!!!!"
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
Going out drinking or smoking in excess and you know you will whitey
"have u got the drinks in for tonite"
"yep we are gonna have a total whitey mission"
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
The same as bucket minge but with clout used instead of minge. No difference in meaning, just reworded.
"omg she had a total bucket clout, i wasnt even touching the sides!"
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
A small village about 30 mins drive from Newcaslte Upon Tyne. Nothing to do in it therefore definatly not worth a visit but not too rough either. About a 3.5 out of 10 chance of bieng punched.
Ryton village. Newcastle Upon tyne
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
chuffed as in happy. Beavers clout as in a beavers vagina. And the word chuffed used instead of chaffed (ie rubbed sore due to prikly hairs)for humerous effect. used to describe how happy you are.
"wow ive just won the lottery, im as chuffed as a beavers clout!"
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
Used as an insult, normally a none serious one as it promotes laughter.
What a cock wank!!!!
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
Means to fill a hole, therefore used to mean sex.
You see a fit looking girl. "fancy a bodge?"
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
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