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Scaredy-cat. Behaving like an absolute girl.
He'd rather die than take the rides at the theme park. What a kediak!
by myztically October 31, 2011
Of mixed races. Usually caucasian and some other.
To a fully Asian person - Your name sounds Japanese / Icelandish / Swedish / Danish. Are you? No, I'm not. (I'm Asian. But to you, I look Asian + Angmohish)
by myztically October 31, 2011
A module in the course of study for a Diploma in Computer Studies in the '90s.
Became an inspiration for a song.
Line from Chorus
I.F. I.F. (internet fundamentals)
by myztically November 02, 2011
The one who forces.

Not a threecer or fivecer.
He was afraid, but he was forced to by her. Therefore, she's the forcer. (and he's the forcee)
by myztically November 02, 2011
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