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7 definitions by mytubeyoulube

Women that have dated the same cock. preferably not at the same time. a shared ex-boyfriend
"hole sisters" "hole sisters", we rode the same pole sister.
by mytubeyoulube January 19, 2010
The womanly act of pursing your lips while fixing your hair. Sort of sucking in of the cheeks, while pouting the lips.
I can't stop doing my model lips while I spray my hair, is that wrong?
by mytubeyoulube June 26, 2010
The jealous feeling that one gets after submitting a word to Urban Dictionary and not having it make the word of the day email. :(
Hey did you get the word of the day from Urban Dictionary, I have a bad case of word of the day envy.
by mytubeyoulube July 13, 2011
The booger that hangs up on the post of a nose piercing.
Hey I just blew my nose could you check me for a shish kabooger?
by mytubeyoulube July 13, 2011
The current trend of women taking the Paris Hilton model pose for their Facebook profile picture. Ie: Head tipped down with a mouth closed smile, pretending to be holding their chihuahua in their right hand.
Hey, I saw your new profile picture on Facebook, and I love your Paris pose
by mytubeyoulube June 26, 2010
the acronym for word of the day envy
W O D E is getting me down, that was a bad ass word that I listed on Urban Dictionary
by mytubeyoulube July 13, 2011
The excitement that a woman feels when Groupon offers a tasty coupon to the group.
I had a grouponasm when Groupon listed Victorias Secret on a coupon
by mytubeyoulube November 29, 2010