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Being savagely muffled indicates you are a male who has recieved some very hot and/or rough sex.
Female who is in the know: You look tired. Why are you so tired? *giggles*

Male: *long pause* ..."Because I was savagely muffled last night."
by mystical777girl November 18, 2010
A guy that tries being bisexual or gay and ends up going back to females.
Missy used to date Pete. After they broke up, he went pretenda-fag and dated a guy, but is now back to sleeping with Missy.
by mystical777girl May 03, 2011
Extremely hot sex. Both males and females can use this term. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Let's get glittered and slizzard.

Last night I was totally glittered.

What's up on getting some glitter tonight?
by mystical777girl November 18, 2010

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