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A last name posessed by a large number of jews.
"Hey next time you see Jacob Gold, don't forget to cut his horns off!"
by mysterychef November 16, 2006
n 1. A permanent white mark, generally upon one's head, that indicates the status of "leader of ritual sacrifices" in a literary cult.

v 2. To create the white mark refered to in definition 1.

v 3. To inflict a meaningless white mark upon another's head.

v 4. To beat someone over the head with a coconut until their head turns white.
1. I thought that Sheila was a normal girl, until I spotted the whitehead she kept covered under her bandana.

2. As Silvia cast the sacrificial goat into the fiery volcano, the chief of the Hawthorne Literary Cult whiteheaded her.

3. Badfield, the most rowdy child in Mrs. Lit's first grade class, was known for rubbing chalk dust over his hands, and then whiteheading other children.

4. Sweety and Tweety became so sick of each other after being stuck on a deserted island together for seventy-three years that they whiteheaded each other, and were jubilant all the while.
by mysterychef November 14, 2006
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