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the unfortunate condition of a twat worn by overuse.
Her daily twatwaddles, and all that they encompassed, caused her to develop a noticeable snaggletwat.
by mystery cult March 23, 2008
when you fuck too hard and walk funny the next day.
after a fulfilling night of nymphophagic fucking, i couldn't help but notice her twatwaddle.
by mystery cult March 22, 2008
happy that your friend has something worth envying - in other words, jealous of something your friend has, but conversely glad that she/he has it (i.e. wishing that theoretically there were some way that both of you could have it at the same time)
"I am totally friendvious of your purple houndstooth jacket that you found for $18. I mean, it looks awesome on you...."
by mystery cult April 09, 2008
a desire to eat the person who you are having sex with.
"We started making out - but when my nymphophagia started acting up, I found myself tearing his earlobe off with my teeth."
by mystery cult March 14, 2008

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