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a mans balls and ball sack, nuts, balls, love lumps.
lick my jiz bits, ow my jiz bits hurt, dont look at my jiz bits
by mysterio44 April 21, 2006
Someone who shatters peoples dreams, and generally puts a downer on all things
Paul: Man we are so going to Leeds festival this year
Steve: The chances are very low that we will get tickets
Paul: WTF Man!!!!
Steve: Im just saying there is a low chance of us going
Paul: Your such a Dream Raper!!!!
by Mysterio44 September 03, 2007
A ginger mans dick
Brenda: Jeff looks cute
Margaret: Dudes got a copper flopper
by mysterio44 August 15, 2009
Having a cheap lunch in order to save money. Food such as cheese spread sandwiches, simply value foods and unbranded cola.
Jeremy: What do you have for lunch Steve?
Steve: Bad times man, got a Credit Crunch Lunch, cheese spread sandwiches, Simply Value crisps and a can of cola.
Jeremy: Lol Hobo
by Mysterio44 November 23, 2008

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