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The unexpected humiliation of having cooked spaghetti fall from your pockets while trying to impress attractive members of the opposite sex.
spaghetti pockets story:
>Cute girl in line in behind me
>"Hey, how are you doing?“
>oh fuck conversation
>”Oh, I’m good, and you?“
>”That’s good, are you busy this Saturday?“
>”I, don’t think so"
>She points to ear
>Wearing a bluetooth headset
>It all makes sense
>Drop my items and put my hands in pockets
>There’s a hole in my pockets
>Spaghetti trickles down my leg from my shorts
>Shorts are no longer comfy and easy to wear
by myshkin August 02, 2012
The resulting word from the attempt of a functionally retarded individual to spell incestuous.
Guy 1: That dude was so absolutely and incredibly fucking stupid that he confused the word "incestuous" with some nonsensical shit spelled as "inscestical".

Guy 2: Seriously? Wow. That's what happens when your IQ is barely above room temperature.
by Myshkin April 08, 2007
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