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A shitty ass school located in suburban Boynton Beach, Florida. Some call it "Christa" or "CMMS" for short. The school's mascot is the lame ass "Challengers", and most of the students are just waiting for the school to blow up like the real space shuttle. People from other schools call people who go to CMMS, Christa McCrackers.

Christa McAuliffe is filled shitty teachers, and even shittier students. A good majority of the school smokes weed, ditches class, and are a disgrace to society.

In the Christa McAuliffe hallways, (like any other middle school) you'll find the Bitchy Whores, Chongas, Black Kids, Stoners/Burnouts, and the Nerds. The bitchy whores main pride in life, is being "hot" and losing their virginity at the age on 12. The Chonga's are your standard gross, greasy mexicans that smell like cheap perfume, and guacamole. The black kids act like hard asses. Truth is, they live in $400,000 houses, and buy Nike's with their parent's money. The Stoners wake and bake behind the Publix every single day... And nobody gives a rat's ass about the nerds, they're just there.

Most people hate this school with a mother fucking passion.....but in their heart, deep deep deep down inside I bet they secretly like it. Whether you like the school or not, memories are made at Christa McAuliffe Middle School. The school is a fucking dump, but it's a place you'll never forget.
Kid Uno- Oh hey, you go to Christa McAuliffe Middle School right?

Kid Two- Un-fucking-fortunately, yes.

Kid Uno- Sucks for you bro.
by myschoolsucks April 10, 2011
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