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football/soccer expression referring to an awesomely amazing goal.
This term is used by spanish speakers all around the world.
Que golazo! <<-- what a goal!
by myoriginalname February 23, 2008
Literally means "atomic fart" in spanish.
"tener un pedo atómico en la cabeza" means "to host an atomic fart in the head"
Argentine expression that is applied when someone says something absurd ridiculous and totally out of context, sometimes is also used when someone is nuts for real.

Synonym: "to be insane in the brain"
sebastián: your ma best friend
lautaro: ya, lend me some cash
sebastián: sure how much
lautaro: a million bucks
sebastián: tenés un pedo atómico en la cabeza (duh, you screwed in the head)
sebastián: yes, now lend me the money
by myoriginalname March 02, 2008
argie way of saying fuck off and piss off at the same time
- ohmegosh!!, there's blood coming out of your ear

- chupame un huevo <-- (I don't care and leave me the freak alone ~u flippin piss off shit~)
by myoriginalname July 22, 2008

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