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An extremely derogatory term. Separately, the words mean absolutely nothing, but once combined these words can form a missile of hate.

The term Nigger-Guy often leads one to recall painful chapters of their past. Chapters that in which are usually discriminative, hateful, slanderous, and in some cases very lame.

In early 2007, Randy Marsh of South Park, Colorado, and Michael Richards of Los Angeles, California spearheaded a campaign to ban the hateful term. On March 7th, 2007, the term Nigger-Guy was officially banned in a 8 to 1 supreme court ruling. When one uses the word 'Nigger', it must be at least seven words apart for the word 'Guy'.

Thanks these two heroic victims, this derogatory racial term has been forever banned from the English vernacular.
"Dude, did you see Wheel of Fortune last night? Stan's Dad dropped the N-bomb on national television!"

"Yea dude i did. What a Nigger Guy."
by myokcomputer March 24, 2007

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