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a person is stunningly beautiful and a person you always want to be with. a kelli has dark hair, beautiful eyes and is tall. a kelli is funny and loves sushi. a kelli likes to talk about sex all the time. a kelli is a all around amazing person. You would be lucky to have a kelli in your life. be good to one if you ever find one. you will regret it when you lose a kelli because there isnt any one else like her. kelli's are the kind of girl in it for the long run. they might be jealous at times, but its only cause they love you. kelli's are always the life of the party
Person 1: Hey. Look at that girl? Wow i wonder what her name is.
Person 2: Oh my god. I cant help myself from staring.
Person 3: Her name must be kelli.

Dan:I had a kelli in my life, but i was an idiot and let her go.
Steve: too bad man, they are one in a million.
by mynameiskelli October 21, 2009
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