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In rugby football, a very poor kick at goal, or the act of performing such a kick.

Named for the spectacularly bad kicking performance of All Black scrumhalf Piri Weepu in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final, this term was first used on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian on the day of the final.
That's as bad a kick as you'll ever see. Trinh-Duc weepus a kick miles wide right. (The Guardian, 23 October 2011)

We would have won if our flyhalf's kick from in front of the posts didn't turn out to be a real weepu.
by mynah2011 November 04, 2011
An emergency measure aimed at finding something - anything - edible in the fridge. Usually performed by dividing the contents into the palatable, the slightly dicy and the utterly unspeakable.
Two days before payday Jamie was forced to perform fridge triage, and ended up with a large, festering pile of black sludge that growled when he approached, several yogurts that were only a few weeks past their expiry date, and a perfectly edible stick of celery.
by mynah2011 June 27, 2011
A tap-turning duel between two people depending on the same water supply at the same time, often resulting in being subjected to scalding, freezing or no water.
Coming in from the cold I rushed into the shower, not realising that Marty was using the other bathroom. In the resultant tug of water, I got boiled, flash-frozen and left high and dry in close succession.
by mynah2011 June 27, 2011
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