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a quick reactionary post to a thread based on emotions void of intellectual thought .......

A.I.R.P.U.K.E. = Accelerated Ignorant Reactionary Post Unknowingly Keyed Electronically
John Smith, once again, we thank you here on our forum for your airpuke - have a nice vacation from our internet community.....Sincerely, The Moderators
#trolling #baiting #spamming #stirring the pot #lurking
by mymint87 November 16, 2012
any vehicle which can carry a ATC, 3wheeler to a riding location, it can be a car trunk, van, truck, toybox, moho, like the iraqi missle, the vehicle with its payload of Trikes, ATC's 3wheelers is not lazer guided, you simply aim for a general riding area and DRIVE....somehow when you get there, you'll find a place to park, but this is not predestined like a lazor guided missle, so you can inform other skud drivers of your exact location beforehand....you can only tell them of your location after you have reached your destination or landed
ME and the triker bretheren are packing the skuds and we're bumping off tomorrow to the DUNES
#scud #scude #skude #schud #schude
by mymint87 November 23, 2010
it is being in the reality of the realization that you are clueless
Jumping in the middle of a discussion, her cluelessality on the topic was overwhelming
#clued #clueness #clueless #cluelessness #clue
by mymint87 January 10, 2011
the realization that you, yourself, are a flunk....
after trying 1 million times unsuccessfully, Joe finally gave up as flunktionality sank in
#flunkniod #flunkie #flunkster #flunky #flunktion
by mymint87 November 15, 2010
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