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A question that has a hidden purpose behind it's asking. The questioner will usually ask the question to find something out without blatantly asking.
"Hey John, was Chrissy at Matt's house yesterday?"
"Yeah, they're going out... That was a loaded question, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, and thanks."
by mylovedenied October 22, 2005
Count Grichnack is the nickname of Varg Vikernes, famed black metal legend. He was the 1 man band of Burzum and bassist for Mayhem on their album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". He later killed Euronymous, Mayhem's guitarist, to prove he was more evil.

The name is derived from Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. Grishnack was an Orc. Varg wrote about LOTR in much of his music.
Why did Count Grishnack have to kill Euronymous?! WHY?!
by mylovedenied October 09, 2004
The greatest nation in the world, for several reasons.

1: Dan Swano.
2: Really hot Swedish girls.
3: Death metal in the top 40! It's actually played at clubs and all over.
4: The sheer amount of amazing metal bands up there.
"And at #5, we have Britney Spears with 'Hit me Baby One More Time.' An oldie but still in the top 40 here in Sweden, from time to time. And at #4, we have Bloodbath, with 'Outnumbering the day!'"
by mylovedenied September 16, 2005
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