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2 definitions by myketuna

Another word for penis. This word's origin is incredibly mysterious, but nonetheless, it is what it is. It is said as if it were a Spanish word, although again, it is not. Well, at least not to my knowledge. Thus, it is pronounced with a soft r, NOT a hard r. Almost like a "d" sound. Anyway, yeah. pinera.
"Hey, why's your girlfriend getting so fat?"

"Dude, why do you have to be such a big pinera?"
by myketuna May 27, 2008
A present that unfortunate kids like me must get when you want something that the family can only afford if you combine your birthday present money with your Christmas present money. Thus, you don't get anything for one of those holidays.
"Dude, how did you get that iPod Touch?"

*sigh* "It was a birthmasday present."
by myketuna November 25, 2007