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black cane caried by police officers and/or sequerity guards. term is used in miami by african americans as well as other races. originated from L.A. police officers beating black people with it
oh shit clyde watch out he got a nigga beater
by myke prez June 02, 2006
action performed while driving in miami. where one, goes from one side of the road to the other cutting everyone off
yo on the way to the beach dane did the miami slide and cut everyone off
by myke prez June 05, 2006
marijuana rolled into a blunt, thick at the end, shaped as a baseball bat. a blunt that that contains alot of marijuana
yo teresa yu rolled a fat blunt, its a fucking baseball bat blunt
by myke prez June 02, 2006
spanish for fetus, male/female, with a larger head in comparison and porpostion to body. used in hispanic regions such as miami, where latin is influeced in every day language
hey gomez mike looks like such a feto
by myke prez June 02, 2006
meaning a sequirty guard who thinks he is a real police officar. only carries a niga beater. word originates from the movie "friday".
omg this topflight thinks hes a real pig
by myke prez June 02, 2006
meaning oh shit. used by white kids to make fun of urbin dialect.
o sheil niel shanaynay be dippen
by myke prez June 02, 2006

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