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3 definitions by myhk

Another name for a womans undergarments. Panties to be precise. Panties to encase a unusually large vagina.
Her pussy was so big her vagina hammock looked more like a banana hammock.
She wasn't wearing a vagina hammock, easy access
by Myhk February 21, 2008
An overzealous sexually deprived douche bartender, usually from Italian background (but not always)
His/Her forte is the aggressive attempt at humping young tourists traveling with their family. (but not always)
The dry humping may or may not be accompanied by sloppy licking and kissing,usually with tongue penetration of facial orifices.
"I was totally molested by that creep job before I ran away and hid in my hotel room"
by Myhk September 22, 2008
A girl who fucks over awesome artist types.
Guy 1 : hey so what happened to your girl brother?
Guy 2 : she fucked up
Guy 1: uh oh, did she salee?
Guy 2: yup
Guy 1: ah , dick move
by myhk October 12, 2008