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this word is used by a gay computer, sometimes a boy will say this on skype when he is trying to prove he is gay and he is horny
person 1-hello barry how are you today
person 2 - yeah im good thanks
person 1- what were you talking about on minecraft
person 2- wilfred get in the car the sex sounds worthwhile
by mygrandmaandyourgrandma October 23, 2011
someone who sits in a car and when there dad breaks and then they throw there head back and there moobs fly backwards and hit them in the face
gregory sat in the car and he was headbanging

bethany was sitting in class headbanging

jayne was sitting in her councilling room headbanging
by mygrandmaandyourgrandma October 23, 2011
normally known as a creepy lady who sits around a fire with my grandma and your grandma
jayne- oh yeah i remember her... isnt she the councillor lady ?
by mygrandmaandyourgrandma October 23, 2011

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