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Actually Spelled Liopleurodon.

noun: A genus of short-necked Plesiosaur which was likely the apex marine predator of the late Jurassic period.

In popular culture Liopleurodons have appeared in BBC's television show "Walking With Dinosaurs", in Steve Alten's book "Meg: Hell's Aquarium" and also in some annoying Youtube videos.

The jury is still out on whether or not Liopleurodons were magical, however, recent evidence has confirmed that they did, indeed have an IQ of less than two, as they were probably incapable of taking any form of written test, which they would only get soggy and maybe chew on.
"Wow, that Eustreptospondylus just got bitten in half by that Leopluradon (Liopleurodon). Tough luck."

"Leopluradon (Liopleurodon) was probably the apex marine predator of the late Jurassic period."

"Last night I dreamed that I was getting butt sex from a magical Leopluradon (Liopleurodon). It kept yelling 'We're going to Candy Mountain, Baby!'. When I woke up, my kidney was gone. And you thought you were having a shitty day."
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by mygoditsalive August 28, 2009
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