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yadidimean translates to u know what i mean.
Yadidimean fa sho Yadidimean fa sheezy!
(know what i mean for sure know what i mean for sure(last for sure is congugated into eezy form)).
by myesha July 12, 2005
Traveling wit a large group of people.
We was rollin' deep at the movies, we was wit hella people!!
by myesha July 12, 2005
A part of vallejo that locals do not recognize as East Vallejo. We dont think of it as "East Vallejo" we dont really have a name for it.
Where is East Vallejo? I don't know probably up by Bethel.
by myesha July 11, 2005
An area known as hill crest is west vallejo. This place was once military housing turned into a ghetto. Nowadays they are renevating the old military housing and it is starting to become populated with more and more white people.
Where u frm?

Hill Crest cuzzin, u know how we do, always reppin' the west!
by myesha July 11, 2005

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