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2 definitions by mydadgaveupopcorn

The top of all BAMFs Higher than even the bamf vips and Bamfasaurus Rex's!!! reserved for the select few like Chuck Noris
Joe: Dude have you seen the new kid?
Bill: the one dating Iana?
Joe: Yeah! he is such a Bamfajesusaurus Rex!!!
by mydadgaveupopcorn June 14, 2010
Half Man, Half Bird ~ it stalks its prey with keen eyes...while wearing polka dot boxers
kid looking at bird: "i wonder how it would be if i could fly"
birdaphrodite looking at kid: "i wonder how it tastes?"

guy 1: "dude i hear that guy really did it!"
guy 2: "the one who dresses as birdman to every party?"
guy 1: "yeah he finally became a birdaphrodite"
by mydadgaveupopcorn July 27, 2011