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a jewish juggalo. often seen confusing shmear for white face paint.
"i hate myself, my heritage, spending money, but most of all i hate my absentee dad and my poor, white trash mother. i must be a juggalox."
by mydaddybeatmethenleftme September 26, 2007
A term used by students in an abnormally large special ed college in ohio to refer to one of the best schools in the country.
OSU: derrr i got an 1100 on my SATs. i want to work at mcdonalds when i grow up.
UofM: i got a 1500. ive already started 2 companies.
OSU: *drools and touches crotch* you go to bitchigan.
UofM: witty. enjoy your chewing tobacco.
by mydaddybeatmethenleftme September 26, 2007
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