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Blood on the Dance Floor or botdf are a 'electropop' band who sing only about sex, and somehow became popular with 'emos'. They colour their hair to seem alternative when really they are the scum of the Earth. Their fans are all horny fangirls who think they appear more 'scene' or 'emo' if they listen to them and for some reason worship their awful existence. The worse of the two is Dahvie Vanity who rapes teenage girls and often licks people's faces. He is a disgusting pedophile and I would burn him alive along with all his awful albums.
Peasant: I love Blood on the Dance Floor!!1! I wouldn't mind if Dahvie raped me omg omg omg sexy!!!1!
Non-peasant: I want to be sick all over your existence. Please leave.
by mychemicalromanceisnotdead August 13, 2013

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