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Expression mostly used to advance the popular opinion -> all cops are bastards.

A text used in image captions of people who act like gansters but are total virgin losers.

Also a stupid exclamation that can be expressed as to reverse troll the image of people who think they are tough, when riding in a expensive vehicle (and thus showing how retarded the wanabe gangster image of all this kids is) Because everybody knows that police is shit, but without them we would live in a fucking chaos.

The best fuck the police effect is archieved when the droven vehicle is not really that great or very unusual.

The joke is often of fine quality on may only be understood by people with refined humor, just like a good wine can only be identified by people who have refined taste.
A group of faggots ride a rollercoaster, everybody screams in a normal fashion but one of them screams YEAAAAHHHH FUCK YEAAAHH FUCK THE POLICE!!! WAAAAAHHH! HOLY SHIIIITTT!!!! What might be embarresing for his friends is amusing for bystanders (except for the idiots who are offended). Now they all want to go on the ride.

Two astronauts sit in a cockpit of a launching Space Shuttle with main tank, solid rocket boosters and everything. As the shuttle passes the crucial point and drifts perfectly into space, Houston says: "Ok looking good, I think that was the cleanest launch we ever had"
Astronaut says: copy that Houston, thanks for the heads up. He turns over as far as he can over to his mate, than switches radio to private channel and says, "Fucking good work dude, see how slick that went? We fly into space and nobody is gonna stop us." Other astronaut: Hell yeah I love this, fuck the police!" "what do you mean fuck the police?" "I mean we're in space, thats not even a country, so what the hell are the gonna do about it?
by myanimeshelfcom May 29, 2012

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