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The impact of a cluster fuck situation. The annoyance one feels when a situation is disorganized, contains too many idiots or lacks common sense.

Usually experienced at work, parties or social circles.
John – “Can you believe people found out they had new bosses by reading an announcement about organizational changes?”

Jane – “Yeah, that division is a total clustration!!!”
by myahyvette July 01, 2010
The smell you experience when you sit close to the lavatory on an airplane.
Friend 1: "Dude, on your flight, you need to request the bulkhead."

Friend 2: "Yeah, that can be good or bad." "On my last flight, I was seated in the bulkhead but had to deal with lavatory draft during the 5 hour flight."

Friend 1: "Bummer"
by MyahYvette June 14, 2009

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