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A synonym of African American, this word describes the bluish color typical of a black mouth.
Hey! Somebody hang that bluegum!
by myname October 12, 2004
helder is da man! One of a kind.. there is no one like him on this planet. Helder = sex god and stuff
girl 1: wow! its helder! isnt he so great!
girl 2: Yeah! i so want him
girl 1: like totally
by MyName July 10, 2004
That toilet paper you find in public restrooms all over the world. Aptly named Texas toilet paper because it is rough, tough, and don't take shit from nobody.
The company switched from name brand to texas toilet paper, so now I wait til i get home to take a shit.
by Myname July 31, 2004
The hair that covers your butt-cheeks.
May look disgusting sometimes, but still rocks when making fun of it.
Also good for showing your lack of respect for another person.
"Hey dude, let's go and set my buttfluff on fire."


"You're a dick man."
"Ah touch my buttfluff, ass eyes."
by Myname June 15, 2004
A really tasty, refreshing ice cream. can also be used to describe anything highly refreshing or tasty.
I licked her twat like a solero on a hot summers day
by myname June 19, 2006
a sexual maneuver in which the male kneels on the female's shoulders and then proceeds to slap her on the forehead with his wang while yelling "order in the court!"
F:"not now honey, i'm tired..."
M: >thwap thwap thwap< ORDER IN THE COURT! ORDER IN THE COURT!
by myname April 04, 2004
The god of Pr0n
by myname February 04, 2003
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