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1) Horn rimmed or otherwise very nerdy eye glasses, typically characterized as something worn by librarians, naughty secretaries, or US Vice Presidential candidates.
2) Perceived by some to be the modern day equivalent of "F Me Pumps," especially when worn by extraordinarily beautiful professional women who are smart, funny and successful.
"I'm wearing my Tina Fey Glasses so I'll look extra hot at the party tonight!"
by My2wins September 16, 2008
Noun, plural -vies, verb, -vied, -vy·ing.

a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another person's ownership of a hybrid vehicle; especially those who bought early and scored the coveted limited edition carpool lane stickers.

Particularly strong among some SUV owners, such as those who used subprime lending for a second mortage to buy a $50,000 vehicle that they can no longer afford.
I'm trying to sell my Expedition before gas goes up to five bucks a gallon; I've got a serious case of prius envy.

by my2wins July 10, 2008
The act of prematurely adding someone to your friend list on facebook or myspace; Often a result of using the auto-discovery function, whereby one inadvertantly adds several people from their gmail contacts list, only to later realize there were certain names included that were not intended to have become friended.
her: "omg, I totally blew it and friended my new boss on facebook. Now she'll know I'm multislacking all day at work."

him: "Sounds like premature association. Wait a few weeks then defriend her...maybe she won't notice."
by my2wins June 10, 2008

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