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originally thought of as just that shitty band, simple plan can now be placed on anything/anyone that is a huge embarrassment in general.
"my dads glasses fold up into a 1 inch case. what a failure. what a simple-planning son of a bitch"

"why are we so uncreative? i can't come up with any band names.. crap, why don't we call ourselves 'LAME ASS'.. or no lets just resort to the simple plan of-
"thats it! simple plan! its like code for lame ass! with a shit-name like that we won't have the added pressure of making good music!"
"you're so right! that reminds me.. why AM i such a dumb poser?"
by my uterus and i October 02, 2005
George W. Bush according to grandpa.
"That doggone Bush is nothin' but an egg-suckin' coonhound. When I's was livin' in Louisiana those hounds would snicker on up into the chicken coops and suck the babies right outa those eggs. Just Like That Damned George Dubya Bush."
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
1.someone whose voice cracks unintentionally at any given moment.
the state, or the illusion of being in the midst of pubescence.
note: has nothing to do with age or gender

2.anyone who has just inhaled helium

3.someone actually going through puberty and who advertises this by wearing pants that are too short and not shaving their incoming scruff.
hey doll, its zach. Call(two octaves higher) *cough cough* me when you get this message.

why certainly, mister puberty.
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
taking the long way, intentionally.
"Hey look! A van full of cute boys! Lets follow them and afterwards get lost for a very long time!"

"Yeah what a fun waste of gas that would be! 'Welcome to Oklahoma'..well that's odd."
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
the geographical region of the room for any kid in the midst of the game "dont touch the ground its lava." the carpet lake is a piece of land (carpet) which you can touch without being "burned."
"When Zach jumped from the bunk bed, I had no choice but to find 5 seconds of safety at the carpet lake."
by my uterus and i September 26, 2005
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