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An unfortunate occurrence that happens in both men and women. However, generally speaking, women are the most likely to be afflicted by this condition.Individuals with rasta crotch have extremely poor hygiene and grooming habits. Because of this lethal combination, their pubic hair becomes knotted and matted and will actually form dreadlocks.
I got that hippie chick's pants off and she had rasta crotch.
#pubes #pubic hair #dreads #rasta #hair pipes
by My other ride is your mom April 02, 2006
A hard and firm object, generally long and slender in nature, that is used to break ones bowel movements into pieces so that it can be flushed down the toilet.
guy 1: you were in there long enough
guy2: well that burrito killed me. I had to get the breaking stick out.
#stick #pooh pipe #crap #defecation #shit
by my other ride is your mom April 24, 2006
An unfortunate occurence that afflicts both men and women. Due to poor hygiene and grooming habits, ones pubic hairs will actually become, matted, knotted, and tangled - forming dreadlocks.
Guy 1: You still dating whats her name?
Guy 2: No man, I got her pants off and she had rasta crotch.
Guy 1: That stinks.
Guy 2: You're not joking about that.
#pubes #pubic hairs #dreads #dreadlocks #knots
by My Other ride is your mom April 05, 2006
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