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a word that was derived from the word retard in a mixed up slur of words probably from drinking to much. the word came from chungtard to just chung. the meaning of the word is the word that it derived from. the word is popular amongst teens and popularized by texting and using it around people you did not mean to
kie is a chung!!
by my name is a secret sh July 27, 2010
acronym for fucked up dick. commonly used to describe mess ups in blowjobs while driving
girl 1: i gave john a blowjob while he was driving to thanksgiving dinner.
girl 2: oh how did it go
girl 1: good except i gave him a fud when we hit that really big pothole on west street
girl 2: oh shit does he still talk to you
girl 1: yeah sort of i think he forgave me

girl 2: girl they will never forgive a fud
by my name is a secret sh July 27, 2010

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