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The standard-issue rifle for U.S. Servicemen in Vietnam. Designed by Eugene Stoner as the Ar-15 to replace the M14 (which was difficult to control while in full-auto). The rifle fired .223 caliber ammunition, which later became the 5.56 mm NATO round in widespread use today. The M16A1 "spawned" the current U.S. service rifle, the M16A2, as well as the A3 (full-auto A2), and the M4 Carbine, which is in use by Special Forces units around the world.
The M16A1's jamming problems had nothing to do with the design of the gun, the U.S. Government had told troops that the rifle was self cleaning, therefore the troops were not issued cleaning kits until 1968. After the kits were issued, jamming reports were nearly unheard of.
by My name May 05, 2006
The liquid or semi-liquid result of a female orgasm.
After I finished eating out Jenna, my face was covered with girlcream.
by my name February 04, 2003
Was once an organization of well-rounded human beings asking the world's governments to take care of the environment. However, it was quickly overtaken by communazis, and thusly became an anti-government organization, obsessed with lying to people, making shit up, and scaring them shitless in order to sign some fucking petition banning dihydrogen monoxide, or water.
50% of the world's species are not going to be extinct in the next 20 years. The logging industry is not destroying the planet. Global Warming will not raise the Earth's temperature by 15 degrees in the next 10 years. Learn your fucking facts Greenpeace.
by My name March 31, 2006
a fat piece of shit who sits around in scooby doo underwear jammin "Aint No Nigga"
Yo man you need to do somethin with your life, dont be like wheatabix.
by My Name September 15, 2003
yet another slang term for yore asshole or yer rectum.
Adam Gooch likes it up the sphinkter
by My name February 11, 2003
The only economy in the world that thrives on disease and death. Currently in a bit of a downward spiral thanks to the resident dumbass, George Bush
Cigarettes, Liquor, Guns, and Fast Food. Remove one of these key elements from the American economy, and it will crash. It's fact.
by My name March 25, 2006
Greatest guitarist of all time. Hendrix got his first guitar when he was 11, and hhad to play it upside down since there were no left handed guitars. Grew up to be one of, if no the best musican of the 60's, and still kicks ass today. If you think Jimi Hendrix sucks, you ought to be shot.
guy1:"Man, jimi hendrix sucks. Slash is t3h 1337 4w350mn355!1!!!111"
guy2"You ought to be shot, dumbass fucktard."
by My name April 22, 2005

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