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Also known as "Assembly" or "Assembler" language.

- A very low level programming language used mainly to program parts of operating systems, drivers, boot loaders and other very elementary pieces of software.

- A set of instructions representing the architectures instruction set, assembled directly to machine code instruction for instruction.
movzx edx, ax
shr eax, 16
add eax, edx
mov edx, eax

2) x86 asm is teh r0x0r

lamer: I know C++. I pwns j00 all
someguy: I know asm so stfu moron
lamer: lololol wtf is asm?
by My Name? December 28, 2003
A fan club for a bunch of hypocrytes who think they're better then everyone else, and look down upon anything that doesn't share their views of everything.

These people tend to think it's a religion called christianity, which but the two are actualy very different things.
Christianity is a religion where people worship jesus, and think that if they love all people, and do good their whole life they'll go to heaven.

Christianism is the cult where a bunch of people who think they're Christian pretend to care about the world, and then plot on how to make everyone have same views as them, and the most painful way to kill those who opose them.
by my name? September 22, 2004
A corpse that has been made into a burger. The fries are from there penis.
The buns are there asscheeks and the
blood is ketchup.
by My name? July 26, 2003
Where a doppelganger is someone's exact double, a croppelganger is two people's exact double, but fused into one person. This person also must not be related to the other two.
The croppelganger stared in disbelief at the two people that looked just like him.
by My name? November 07, 2003
An overrated game for the x-box
halo sucks; so stfu and gtfo.
by my name? September 27, 2004
A pilot with no fear, produces fear among enemies. Ownz in MW4,SOF2,CS,COD
OMFG...BLeEk is owning again!
by my name? November 11, 2003
slave trade
Yeah I'm going to the black market this weekend
by My name? December 18, 2003

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