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An all purpose word. When used among friends, everyone knows what you're talking about.

Can be used as a verb, noun or noun-modifier.
"Yo lets hit up some game-shwee."

"Yo I just shweed your bitch."

"Shwee my bitch up."

"Yo can I try some of that shwee?"


"Turn off those lightshwees."
by my manwich June 02, 2006
A legendary Halo 2 gametype. Originally intended as the worst gametype ever, it was discovered to be quite enjoyable.

- 3 Minute Rounds
- Each player receives 2 random weapons
- Random weapon set on the map
- Everything has increased damage
- First player to win 3 rounds wins
p.smurf: Yo. Game?
manwich: Yeah lets hit up some nuggitz!
by my manwich June 02, 2006
Abbreviation and softer term for Bald Piece of Shit, a white, wireless XBox controller made by Electronic Arts.
"Yo hit me with that bp of s!"
by my manwich June 02, 2006
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