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1 definition by my grandma suzy

someone who loves at least the old original metal bands such as black sabbath, judas priest, metallica, ac/dc, and other bands of that nature if you listen to only newer bands such as mudvayne, slipknot, cradle of filth, and other bands of that nature u are not a real metal head to be a real metal head you have to at least like the old original metal bands a metal head has no specific clothing style and no specific hair style long hair is just a common thing among metal heads and was adopted from the "hippies" which were categorized for liking bands such as the doors, led zeppelin, deep purple, jimi hendrix all helped metal evolve as well
real metal head: I fucking love black sabbath and i respect all the original metal bands.
fake metal head: Cradle of Filth is the best band ever, metal in the 70s and 80s was horrible.

If you listen to metal bands coming out today but do not listen to or at least respect the bands that led up to their music then you are not a real metal head and should stop saying you are before you end up getting your ass beat by a real metal head.
by my grandma suzy June 07, 2006