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4 definitions by my best friend

A well-skilled angler, gets a lot of slippery fish in hand when dipping their hook in shallow water.
Wow! did you see how many fish he caught? That guy sure is a master baiter!
by my best friend May 11, 2003
103 26
the "retarded robot". How that one goth kid doing nothing finally busts out his frankensteiny dance moves. and you're like 'whoah.'
That moron! he's doing the REBOT! I need another drink.
by my best friend April 01, 2003
8 6
the philosophy that one doesn't need alcohol, drugs, and in some cases promiscuous sex in order to function as a human being.
"Hey, you want a drink?"
"No thanks."
"You Straightedge?"
by my best friend May 12, 2003
29 33
southern genius.
Can I go back to calling them 'French Fries'? Because 'freedom fries' sounds, well... gay.
by my best friend May 11, 2003
26 36