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A verb telling about a person who is both clumsy and also loud at the same time.
The slutty girl is very clousy
by My name August 27, 2004
a fanatical person, who is afraid of the smallest things.
im pretty sure shes a lillophilliwatza...
by my name August 25, 2003
Like superman, but he's a nigga. The blue on the costume is black, and his hair looks like that of James Brown back in the day. Smiles a lot.
Up in the sky! It's a ghetto bird! No, it's a Caddy! It's SUPANIGGA!
by My name July 31, 2006
Boobs on a man
That guy should not be wearing that shirt, it shows his brawnbees
by My Name November 13, 2003
1. A term used to tell a person(s) to 'shut the fuck up', especially when out of breath, or if your name is 'Paul Rosie'
Person 1. Ho, Rosie, ya dickrider
Person 2. shuthefuckuh
by My name October 08, 2003
a thought of everyone, living upside down
omg, think mazono!!!
by my name August 25, 2003
the 90's black people white people were scared of in the 90's
THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN ASS NIGGA, can be seen in "White Men Can't Jump'
by my name April 15, 2003

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