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A mythical person made up by racists and segregationists at least 100 years ago, because they didn't want to face the fact that their savior was not white.
White Jesus? Whatever, everyone knows Jesus was Black.
by My name July 19, 2006
The restaurant that Spongebob Squarepants "villain" Plankton owns/works in. It is the business rival of the Krusty Krab, and has no customers.
Anyone ever notice Chum Bucket sounds a lot like Cum Bucket?
by My Name August 21, 2006
A large black man with a penis that stretches down to the floor who hangs out in prison showers waiting to anally rape the smaller prisoners. Featured in an episode of The Boondocks where Tom DuBois had a dream where he went to jail and dropped the soap in front of the Health Inspector.
"Nah, nah nigga, you ain't finished. I've been watching you. You ain't washed behind yo ears or nothin'. Look at me, see how I'm all clean and glistenin' and shit? That's hygiene nigga. You can call me the health inspecta. NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!! "-The Health Inspector
by My name June 24, 2006
A bastardization of the word nigger. Very similar to nyukka in pronunciation.
"Wha's good nyukkah? Wha's really good?!?"-Stinkmeaner
by My name June 27, 2006
Short for stoichiometry, the calculation of the quantities of reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
I did really bad on the stoich test.
by My name January 22, 2005
A teacher who mercilessly grades students' papers, tests, etc., looking for any mistakes at all and taking an extreme number of points off for any mistakes found.
"Dude, Mrs. L graded my math test yesterday, and she took 6 points off--on a 4 point question! What a fucking Grading Nazi!"
by My Name December 12, 2006
A small insect-like thing, with black skinny legs, fat pink body and christina aguilera's head. Seen by Cartman on South Park after he begins taking medication for his eyesight.
"Ah, amn I've been seeing these little pink Christina aguilera monsters all over the place."
"Whatever fatass"
by My name April 22, 2005

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