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Someone who is not quite fat YET! but they will be soon............so right about now is the time u want to be benden em over
Tyler: would u?

Me: yeah but shes a pudger so it better be soon
by mxzrider May 19, 2005
Abreviation for "boner in class" or sometimes used as a "boner in church"

pronunciation: "BIK"
damn, last block i had a bic for like the whole time and the teacher kept makin us stand up and shit.
by mxzrider May 17, 2005
another word for vagina, usually used around small children.
dude, did u stick ur patrick in her virginia?
by mxzrider May 17, 2005
Another word for a penis generally used around small children...
Im def gunna stick my patrick in that virginia!!
by mxzrider May 17, 2005
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