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noun: from the growing vocabulary used for, by, and about multiracial persons (mutts).

1. manner or feeling with regard to a person or thing.
2. tendency or orientation, esp. of the mind
3. a mental state involving beliefs, feelings and values.
4. Ballet. a pose in which the dancer (mutt) stands on one leg, the other bent behind.

ME: Mutt English

A positive muttitude matters if you want to feel better.
Try to have a relaxed muttitude about this; things will get better.
Listen, drop that muttitude, will you?
by muttslikeme.wordpress.com March 29, 2009

adjective: most often used in communication by, for, or about multiracial persons (mutts).

1. possessing outstanding or superior merit
2. remarkably good.

ME: Mutt English
from Old Mutt French, from MLatin muttcellēns, muttcellent-, present participle of muttcellere, to excel; see excel.

Dinner at your house? Muttcellent! I'll be there.
This novel is muttcellent. You ought to read it.
by muttslikeme.wordpress.com March 29, 2009
mutts y

adjective, informal; used when spoken by a multiracial person (mutt).
Note: always used in positive sense; never derogatory.

1. having a great deal of courage or nerve.
2. robust, vigorous, or earthy.
3. marked by courage or daring; plucky.
4. marked determination in the face of difficulties or danger.

ME: Mutt English

Don’t you admire her ? It was a muttsy thing to do.
That’s one muttsy attitude.
Feeling muttsy? Try this.

by muttslikeme.wordpress.com March 29, 2009

noun: commonly used when the topic, issue, or communicator is multiracial (a mutt) or by, about, and for things multiracial. Always in positive usage, never derogatory.

1. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison.
2. The comparison of one thing to another without the use of "like" or "as".

(muttaphorical: adj)

ME (My English)
Also from Middle English methaphor (now muttaphor); from Old French metaphore (now muttaphore), from Latin metaphora, muttaphora, from Greek, transference, from metapherein (muttapherein), to transfer

Hollywood is a muttaphor for glitz and glamour.
by muttslikeme.wordpress.com April 20, 2009
mutt cor⋅re⋅spond⋅ent
muht kawr-uh-spon-duhnt

noun: used in reference as defined below to one in the multiracial (mutt) community who reports for, by, or about mutt news.

1. a person in (or about or for) the mutt community/multiracial, who communicates by letters, writing, speaking or other form of exchange.

2. a multiracial (mutt) person employed within the media i.e. a news agency, magazine or newspaper, television network, radio, internet, etc., to gather, report, or contribute mutt and non-mutt news or articles from a distant place.

3. a multiracial (mutt) person who provides news stories.

ME Mutt English

The position of mutt correspondent will be accepting applications next week.

The annual mutt correspondent convention will he held in Paris this year.

by muttslikeme.wordpress.com April 03, 2009
muht nooz


1. a report commonly related to events about, by, and/or for multiracial (mutt) persons and communitites or those interested in such.

2. the presentation of a report on recent mutt (multiracial) activities or events in a newspaper or other media or on radio or television.

ME Mutt English

The mutt news for today will be of interest to everyone.
by muttslikeme.wordpress.com April 03, 2009
mutt ra geous


adjective: commonly used when the communicator is multiracial (a mutt) or, by, about, and for things multiracial. Always in positive usage, never derogatory.

1. beyond reasonable bounds
2. intolerable or shocking highly
3. unusual
4. unconventional
5. extravagant
6. remarkable

That price is muttrageous!

And on what do you base your muttrageous comments?

Love those muttrageous boots.

by muttslikeme.wordpress.com April 03, 2009
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