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1 definition by muther_fuckin_pig_squeal

the simple most best type of music genre out there. including usually low and mid screams, some high. and pig squeals. the kind of music that makes you wana rip the head off of a frikken baby and go bowling with it. then eat it for dinner after you scored a 0.
kid 1: yo dude, i need some intense music. any help??
kid 2: yeah, havent you ever heard of grindcore?
kid 1: no, whats that?
kid 2: YOU FUCKING DUMB ASS!!!! its kewl. here. heres a list of a couple of good bands... *gives a piece of paper to kid 1
kid 1: *reads aloud "suicide silence, job for a cowboy, thousand times repent, carcass, blood duster, antigama.....
kid 2: SHUT THE FUCK UP ASS HOLE! im trying to masterbait here!
by muther_fuckin_pig_squeal September 17, 2009