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1. Eyeliner for guys.
Many of todays flamboyant rockstars, but most notably Brandon Flowers of the Killers, wear guyliner.
by muthecow November 12, 2005
An airport accent is best defined as an accent that is hard to place. A person with an airport accent may pronounce some words with a British accent, while other words may be spoken with an American, Australian or any other accent you care to think of.

The reasons behind this may be as a result of having parents from different countries from the one the person was brought up in. Or it could be as a result of having lived in a variety of different places as a child, or a combination of the two. Either way the person may well have spent much of his life in airports, flying between the different countries.
"You have a very strong airport accent"
"Well I was born in Lebanon, but moved to England when I was 7, and then when we were 15 my family moved to America, but now I live in Paris"
"Oh wow"
"Yeah - and my parents are Russian and Brazilian - so we used to spent our summers in Moscow and our winters in Rio"
"That must have involved a lot of travelling"
"Yeah - I spent a lot of my youth in airports - my handwriting now resembles Frutiger."
"Shit a fucking brick"
by Muthecow February 02, 2007
Blogrock defines a type of music that features heavily in the music blogging world. Music blogs have taken off in the past few years, and many acts can consider their success to be, in part, due to a music blog taking an interest in them. Bands such as Beirut, Voxtrot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have been mentioned heavily in the blogosphere and so could be considered blogrock. Websites such as Pitchfork, Stereogum and Hype Machine can claim particular credit for fanning the fire.
Geoff: "Hey man have you heard the new Kanye West track? I hear he raps over PB&J's 'Young Folks?"
Sam: "No I haven't -is it any good?"
Geoff: "I didn't like it much, but Pitchfork gave it 8.5/10, so I guess it must be"

John: "My God I LOVE this video, what's it called?"
Jane: "Yeah I saw that last night on 'The Daily Growl', and then 'Stereogum', and then 'Good Weather For Airstrikes' - I think it's called 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' and its by these two British guys."
John: "Oh yeah. I think I'll download it from Hype Machine tonight"

These are two examples of musical blogrock.
by muthecow September 07, 2007
1. Ending up in the slammer after a heavy night out.

2. A "mash-up" of Alcohol and Alcatraz
John: Dudes, where's Paulie?
Joe: No idea, but that was one hell of a night last night!
Jim: How many shots did we each do again?
*phone rings, John picks up*
John: Paulie?! Where are you!?!?! Oh shit, yeah - course we'll come and pick you up. Nah, we won't tell your mum
*hangs up*
Jim: Was that Paulie? Where is he?
John: Oh he's in Alkietraz. Apparently he was mooning people on the High Street so the cops took him in for the night
Joe: Not cool. Not cool.
by muthecow January 18, 2010

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