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A really unthoughtful birthday present of stupid rudolph the reindeer that may or may not have been simply 'found'
Guy #1: Hey homes. I got you a Rudolph thong.
Guy #2: Umm thanks, but didn't i get you a wii?
Guy #3: Dunno. I don't remember thoughtful gestures

"I know you badly need a kidney but here's a rudolph thong instead"
by mutedude98 January 02, 2008
An severe illness that is friend induced.
Supposed Friend: Hi, want a lift home
Person: As long as you don't give me Mourneabbey plague
Supposed Friend: I Promise

"My gave me Mourneabbey plague, but it's still better than a rudolph thong"

by mutedude98 January 04, 2008
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