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A small college located in the middle of nowhere (New Concord). Home of the Muskies. Muskies are little tiny fish that look like a shark (the sharp teeth), but smaller who pose no big threat. Students who attend the college spend of there time at the local gas station (Circle K) or go behind the gas station where the railroad is and smoke ciggarettes all day.
The College is not very well known, but few famous people did go/attend the college.For an Example: Jack Hanna and Ignes Moorehead graduated from Muskingum Colelge. John Glenn would have graduated if he didn't drive his truck in the lake while being intoxicated.
Person A: "Your going to Muskingum College, where's that? "
Person B: "In the middle of nowhere"

Person A: "oh, I don't know anyone who graduated from there."
Person B: "yes you do! Jack Hanna who is obessed with the Columbus Zoo and John Glenn would have grauded if he didn't drive drunk into the lake"
by muskingum junkie March 26, 2009

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