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Facebook Friend Binge: The act of sending many requests, at one time, to be friends with random individuals on facebook; adding people you wish to creep or learn more on.

Facebook Friend Purge: The act of deleting friends off of your friend list due to their incessant status' or knowing you will never see nor speak to the person ever again.
Ex. 1 Sarah: "Did you hear that Carolyn had a facebook friend purge recently?"

Eva: "Should I feel honored that I'm still on her list?"

Ex. 2 Chris: "I'm not proud; I facebook friend request binged last night."

Carolyn: "That's alright, at least they aren't calories. Facebook Friend Request Binge and Purge(s) happen to the best of us."
by musicallyfit848 December 25, 2009
The drink of health food freaks who desire to be semi-normal with their eating patterns.

Delicious and nutritious. Usually made with a type of low fat vanilla yogurt and some real strawberries, not that fake juice stuff.
Bob: What are you having?
Stacey: A low fat strawberry smoothie and you?
Bob: A smoothie.
by musicallyfit848 May 30, 2009
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