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3 definitions by music fan

Guess what, guys and gals. The RIAA KNEW that optical disks (CDs/DVDs) have an average life span of less than 20 years, yet they STILL pushed for the DMCA. Now they are aggressively trying to destroy p2p/peer-to-peer and the MP3 audio format because they DON't want people to know, for their profits are at stake.
I bought a CD in 1988 and now it doesn't play properly because the plastic layers are basically rotten. Now I can't even try to download replacements of te songs I had on that CD without being sued by the RIAA.

I've been assraped by the RIAA again!!!! They told me that the CD would be a permanent replacement to the cassette, the 8 track, and the vinyl.
by music fan May 05, 2004
A famous cellist
Shut up! Yo Mama's playing Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.
by Music Fan February 10, 2004
An organization that loves to shoot itself in the foot by suing the very people who buy CDs from the corporations that represent it.
What the Hell? I got sued for having an Eminem and Britney Spears fan site, and I didn't even have a single MP3 on it, and I made clearly made references to my sources.
by music fan August 11, 2003